Friday, May 27, 2016

League of Legends - 6 Tricks to Maximize your Twisted Fate by StaticzLoL

I recently interviewed Challenger Twisted Fate main 54bomb99 on my podcast, Ranked Edge. He gave me some awesome TF tips that I wanted to share with the community! To check out the whole episode, go to or search “Ranked Edge” on iTunes.
  1. At level 1, you can kill the enemy’s 3 small wraiths with red card. This allows you to get to lane without missing extra minions, and the XP advantage allows you to hit level 2 after the first minion wave and zone your opponent or go for an early first blood.
  2. Fake out your opponent with gold card. Draw a yellow card, then use your Q at point blank range. The hand movement animation looks almost exactly the same same as your auto attack animation, so you can bait avoidance abilities like vlad pool, zonya, spell shields, etc.
  3. For a more advanced gold card fake out: start an auto attack animation as you lock in a gold card. If you lock the card in just as you are auto attacking, the auto will go off while the gold card is above your head but it won’t apply the stun to the auto attack. So, the auto attack will go off but won’t stun anyone. You can use this to bait avoidance abilities, and then stun with the subsequent auto.
  4. You can lock a card mid ultimate.
  5. The pick a card system runs even when you don’t have it showing. So basically it keeps the tempo and runs through the cards the entire game at the same pace, so if you can tap your foot or somehow keep track of the pace, you can essentially lock the right card without even looking.
  6. If you have 0%, 10%, 20%, 30%, or 40% CDR - if you lock yellow and immediately throw it, and then immediately lock again, it will always be yellow.
I hope these tips are useful for some of you TF players out there. Check out the full episode for tons of other great content like this!


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