Tuesday, February 23, 2016

League of Legends - Roaming mental checklist, by Master Tier support ioki

Hello friends. I am Master Tier support streamer i0ki/Ioki. In my ELO I am notoriously known as a Leona main that roams as early as level 2. I am here to give you a checklist to go through before roaming. Roaming as support can be incredibly influential and win the mid-lane, tilting your enemy midlaner into oblivion. However, roaming at the wrong time can tilt your own adc, resulting in the loss of your lane or just a colossal waste of time. Let's go through a checklist:

  1. Is my ADC mobile? Does he have a dash in case the enemy support realizes I've roamed mid?
  2. Does my ADC have MORE Summoner Spells (Heal/Flash) than my enemy laners? Is the enemy Alistar support just going to flash Q my ADC while I'm gone?
  3. Am I going to run into the jungler in the river and be subsequently killed?
  4. Am I going to get anything out of this? If the enemy mid-laner is immobile (Twisted Fate, Ahri pre-6, etc.) you can almost assure getting at least their Flash if not their life. However, walking all the way up the river, sitting in the bush for 30 seconds and then getting Zed W Shadow juked, is a terribly excessive waste of your time.
  5. Am i walking over wards? If you've seen the enemy support ward the river or noticed the enemy mid laner has gotten suspiciously 1,000 safer ever since you stepped into his bush?
  6. Does my ADC even know/notice I'm roaming? Type "roaming, be careful [adc]", even in high Diamond ELO I do this. In lower ELO's your ADC might not have the map awareness to realize you have left and will not return soon.
Try to consider these 6 tips before/while roaming, and let me know if you have any comments/questions. I use these 6 steps every time I roam and consider the pros/cons before leaving lane. I have won many games by securing first blood at level 2, but it is a risky maneuver that if performed poorly can end with your ADC dying.


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