Monday, February 22, 2016

League of Legends - Patch 6.3 Tier List by LS

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Follow up stream where everything will be gone over will be at February 18th 11pm KST / 3pm CET / 11am EST
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Hey everyone, this is a tier list as of patch 6.3. I'll continue to update the tier list with videos in the future but probably not every patch. I think the champions listed in Bronze-Gold are almost never going to change most likely. The tier list is centered on winning, not on improving.

Although I mention briefly in the video how for lower MMR players that playing simpler champs can enable them improve, that's more so just a side point given how broken the champions listed are at lower MMRs. Obviously I also acknowledge there is going to be some outliers such as OTP's who can only play their one champ at a high mmr and thus the tier list isn't designed for them.

Here's some champions who I find difficult to list at the moment are: Teemo, Karthus, Vel'Koz(although he could only appear in challenger with a yellow !), and Diana.

As stated in the video if you don't see a champion listed, it's because it generally is bad to be picked if you're solely trying to win at that MMR, if you're a player of that MMR. The entire point of the video is not if you can play enough games on a champ and make him have a 50+% winrate, but rather the champions presented are more likely to produce higher positive results on average. Example: If you could make Ezreal win on ADC at Platinum, you'd have a much easier time doing so with Lucian

0:00 - 1:43 Introduction and how the tier list is formatted in addition to how it should be viewed.
1:43 - 2:52 Bronze tier list
2:52 - 4:01 Silver tier list
4:01 - 5:01 Gold tier list
5:01 - 6:04 Platinum tier list
6:04 - 7:00 Diamond tier list (Note: up to Diamond 2, Diamond 2 and beyond shares it's tier list with Masters)
7:00 - 8:14 Master tier list
8:14 - 10:49 Challenger tier list
10:49 - 12:04 Conclusion

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