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League of Legends - How to play/climb with Diana by Modified

Hello summoners, for those who are interested in playing or learning Diana, I am more than happy to give you insight of how she fairs in the current 6.3 meta. A little background on me; my ign is Modified. I've been playing Diana since her release, with over one thousand games played with her. Let's cut to the chase and understand the strengths and weaknesses of Diana.

Excuse the formatting, lack of in-depth content, or redundancy. I like to talk to people in game, make customs, play with them, and talk over communication programs for more personal explanations.

Barely breaking 50% win rate, it means that she is a suitable pick in this meta.

Strengths: -Insane late-game burst -Split pushes easily -Back line diver -Innate tankiness from Pale Cascade

Weaknesses: -Early game gets punished easily by casters -Often gets out roamed due to no early game strength -Passive early game can ruin creep wave health pushed on turret -Will not do well against more than one front line tank

The current state of Diana is actually quite FINE. I play her predominantly mid and jungle as a secondary.

Runes: I like running 3 or 4 pages for Diana. I used to only run CDR/lvl but I find that against hard match-ups early on, (such as Anivia) I would prefer running MR.

Against AD: Magic pen marks, armor yellows, CDR/lvl, AP quints Against soft AP: Magic pen marks, health/lvl yellows, CDR/lvl, AP quints Against hard AP: Magic pen marks, health/lvl yellows, MR blues, AP quints

I do not run AP/lvl glyphs because 15% CDR trumps AP late game, and your early game is the issue. Not late game. You want to hit level 6 safely instead of getting blown out at level 2.


Oppressor for optimal early game. Bounty Hunter for easy match ups (TF, Lulu).

Most common question: how do you get through her early laning phase?

Ok. So you either have a choice to have kill lane potential or a safe laning phase. Bringing ignite to lane will give you the chance at level 6 and beyond to kill your laner obviously. But to get to this point is the hard part for most low ELO players. It's very easy to abuse melee mid champs because of how easy it is to predict their movement. Especially when you go against Thunderlord keystone champions. This is why I bring TELEPORT. It will allow you to get back to lane after losing a hard trade or being harassed out of lane in general from farming. You either lose a lot of farm to stay healthy, or go in melee range with Pale Cascade to get as much as you can before getting chunked.

Misconception: It's not about getting kills, it's about making opportunities by roaming and farming efficiently. By matching up with your opponent, you constantly control the flow of Mid lane. Sure, they may roam or grab a kill, but as long as you understand the concept of farming wins games, you will bloom. I emphasize farming a lot and some of my teammates may call me greedy, but you NEED items. Your damage output is not great compared to almost every other AP champion without items. You need to be a full impact in the game because from my experience in Diamond, it's difficult to carry a game by yourself as Diana. Your team needs you, and you need your team to do well.

Playstyle: Individuality vs. Teamwork

Okay, I am a big hypocrite because I like to steal jungle, lane farm, and split push on the daily. This allows me to rack up juicy KDA and blame team mates for lack of coordination. Let me tell you this, being selfish in league will allow you to learn what it takes for YOURSELF to win a game. I don't want to sugarcoat or bullshit you guys. If you don't learn how to be better as an individual, you wont progress mechanically. As far as this play-style got me, it has brought me to D4.

A lot of people will disagree with me, but everyone needs to remember an important aspect in this game - MAP AWARENESS. Be vocal with your team. Tell them that mid lane is MIA, that they have no summoners, or that you're going to gank a lane. You need information about summoner spells, whereabouts, and look for opportunities where the enemy is extending.

What items do you rush vs..?

AP vs AD.
Against AP match ups, I like to rush Abyssal, which is very standard for a lot of people. What I like to do is farm enough gold to get a blasting wand and mantle as my first recall. If this is not possible, I rather grab negatron cloak and have a safe laning phase. In a different situation where you're not losing lane, you can opt for a large rod. A lot of people like the core build of Abyssal and Zhonyas, however, you can build a Deathcap first if you're winning by a wide margin.

Tl;dr: Build Abyssal first vs equal match-up, or Deathcap if you're winning hard. Follow up with Abyssal after.

Against AD, rushing Zhonyas is the best idea. It reduces any burst that they do against you, and allows you to make plays immediately for your team. Follow up with Nashor's Tooth, Deathcap, Void Staff, and Lich Bane.

Let's talk about Jungle.

Jungle Diana has one of the best clears and damage output out of the Jungle once she has Runic Echo. Like I said, she starts doing what she does best once she has items. She has great gank potential at level 6 and beyond and can keep up in CS with laners if winning. I emphasize farming a lot in the Jungle pre level 6 because her ganks are really bad early on. However, top lane is the easiest lane to gank in the game, and it's possible to get off a gank after red buff.

Itemization: Runic Echo, Nashor's Tooth, Zhonya's, Abyssal (Optional), Death cap, Void Staff/Lich bane

I rather get Lich Bane when they aren't building proper MR such as an Aegis, or if you see the opportunity to split push. You can split push efficiently when you have 1 laner winning or if you're the most fed. It's situational at best when you're the most fed. Do you group or do you solo? With enough ward coverage, I would prefer to solo in order to cause global pressure. Get yourself some farm, pick off someone, and repeat. Back off when you can't see any enemy on the map anymore.

So why is she strong and why do people not play her?
She's not a brain dead champion that's why. Xin Zhao is a brain dead champion. Diana requires a lot of decision making in the end game when you're not ahead. Also, you need to understand the importance of laning phase.

Questions about even more in-depth laning phase, specific situations, etc.. Add me in game and ask me because I prefer 1 on 1 talks to improve learning.


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