Monday, January 18, 2016

League of Legends - Small & Simple Lux Guide by hellojubby

I wrote this for a new guide website that has small guides for every champion.

Feel free to ask any questions i'll answer them all :)

  • Simple Lane Harass - E + auto, or Q + auto (although Q is harder to hit and does less damage if you are maxing it second, but costs a lot less mana)
  • Bigger Lane Harass - Q + E + Auto + Detonate E + Auto (Fit W in anywhere inbetween to block any damage that is being returned from enemy)
  • Low Level Close Range Huge Burst - Q + Auto + E + R + Auto (The reason why so many auto's are in this combo's is because early on in the game lux cannot 100-0 a champion with only Q, E & R. Using this combo takes advantage of her passive and doing this combo will usually one shot or come close to one shotting a squishy champion. Also the reason why there is no auto after the E is because lux R procs her passive)
  • Late Game One Shot Combo - Q + E + R (This combo will one shot any squishy with lack of defense late game, try to avoid going in for risky autos later on in the game because if you are caught with lux without Q, its very hard to escape and survive)
  • Be Mana Effecient - Lux runs out of mana very quickly because of the amount of mana her E costs, which is her main wave clear and harass.
  • Lux Q Tip - Remember that her Q can hit two enemies, therefore you can manipulate and surprise the enemy by firing it through a minion and hitting them also, which also gives you free chance to hit your R or E.
  • Don't play to aggressive early game - Lux has high mana costs, low defense and low damage early game without her ultimate, so try not to be so aggressive early.
  • Try not to be shoved under tower - Like alot of mages, farming under tower is very difficult with lux. This is due to her low basic attack damage and high cost mana spells.
  • Use W efficiently - The W is thrown out, which gives a shield, and then refreshes as it comes back. To use this efficiently, throw it during a point where you or are team-mate is taking damage, instead of before. This is so that the shield soaks damage twice instead of once. The W also is insanely good late game, so make sure to hit as many team-mates as you can with it in team fights.
  • Stay back and be careful - Lux has absolutely no mobility and is very easy to kill without flash or Q. Make sure to stay in a good position at all times and take advantage of your range to deal huge amounts of damage, peel your team-mates and staying out of harms way.
  • Wombo Combos - If you have team mates with large AOE cc (for example: Amumu, Gnar, Malphite) try and wait for them to cc a bunch of targets for you to then hit a clean multi-ultimate. If possible, you can also throw your E, and then detonate just before R hits, doing this procs her passive dealing even more damage. Taking advantage of team-mates cc also allows you to keep your Q to peel for yourself.


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