Wednesday, January 6, 2016

League of Legends - In-depth Guide to Tristana and ADC by Vapora Dark

Hi! I'm Vapora Dark. Some of you might already know me as the Master tier Talon main that wrote Vapora's Guide To Talon. I'm posting here today to let you guys know that I just published a new guide, for Tristana.

The guide is the most in-depth ADC guide I've personally ever seen. It may not be the longest but I tried my best to teach everything I know about ADC, ranging from bindings, game knowledge, and especially mechanics, a subject I consider to be very important on ADC yet not many guides truly go into depth on. While the guide has a focus on Tristana, it's really also just a general ADC guide, meaning you can read it and learn from it regardless of which ADC you want to play, although you'll have to disregard the obvious Tristana sections.

Why would a Talon main like me want to write a Tristana/ADC guide, you might ask? Well while Talon is my tryhard, go-to champion for ranked, I haven't seriously grinded solo Q since around mid-2014, I've mostly just played normals and on smurfs for fun since then. In November 2014 I set myself the challenge of learning ADC, a role I always felt could be very fun, but I wasn't really any good at despite my good mechanics because of having always been a solo lane player. And so I started spamming ADC, started watching pros play (mainly Forg1ven replays) and analyzed their gameplay, mainly their laning, for the purpose of learning exactly how to dominate bot lane.

After a little over a year of being an ADC main and analyzing the odd replay in my spare time, putting a lot of effort into learning exactly how to apply mechanics and game knowledge, I feel like I've learnt a lot about ADC, and I wanted to put everything I'd learnt into words, for other people to learn from, without having to go through all the effort that I had to go through to do so, among which was a lot of time spent tediously watching replays.

Naturally, no guide is going to turn you into Forg1ven over night, but my guide should hopefully point you in the right direction and tell you exactly what it is you need to practice and improve at.

Feedback is appreciated, the guide was only published a few days ago and I know I still have many things I could write about which just haven't occurred to me, and am constantly updating it when I think of more things to add. I still don't consider the guide completely finished, just complete enough for people to learn from.

And if you read through it and you feel it helped, an upvote on MOBAFire itself would be very much appreciated. :)


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