Monday, December 21, 2015

League of Legends - AD CDR Katarina Guide by Mazrim

Bit about me, I am a master tier Kat main on EUW with over 1.2k games on Kat this/last season.
I believe this build is the best way to take katarina toplane (don't do this mid, although it is a kind of cheesy way to beat kassadin!) and is seriously viable beyond cheesing people out of first blood and snowballing. I -will- concede I have not played much of this build on my main master tier account, but had no problems playing it in low/mid diamond.
This build scales incredibly hard and is much more valuable than an AP kat come late game.
Edit: should add you max w-e-q, take only 1 point in q at level 3 it quickly becomes irrelevant so look to jump on someone with your e instead of Qing first a lot of the time as e has a longer rang.

Hey thanks for watching, liking and helping share the videos really helps me out!

Commentary of a full game vs renekton using this build

Video of some plays in a montage of this build

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