Tuesday, November 17, 2015

League of Legends Guide - Trouble with masteries? / A mastery page for each champion based on my experiences in NA challenger by Billyboss

Hello everyone, I am Billyboss a 3 account challenger player in the North American Server. I’ve made an extensive list on how to build your mastery page this season.

If you’re just about to go into a ranked game not knowing this information, a quick CTRL + F + champion name will give you the mastery page you need. As this season has just started any discussion or critique is welcome.

My Twitter if you want to keep track of my postings : https://twitter.com/BillybossLOL

Note: If you are melee and going into the ferocity tree Double Edged sword > Feast

Veteran scars / Runic armor, Insight / Perseverance, Bounty hunter / Oppressor are interchangeable and depend on how you want to play the game.

Champions with a ? can go to multiple archetypes

Aatrox Darius Fiora Garen Gnar Irelia Jarvan Jax Kennen? Kha’zix Lee’sin Master Yi Nidalee? Nocturne Olaf Shaco Poppy Rek’Sai? Renekton Rengar Riven Shen? Shyvana Skarner? Trundle? Vi? Volibear Warwick Wukong Xin’Zhao Yorick Zed

Mage or onhit damage champions
https://gyazo.com/a22a1788bb7f2e83edcda4389d17a3d7 OR https://gyazo.com/a7832d710fa7b0b34af3cde88a70ff80
Amumu? Anivia Annie? Azir Brand Cassiopeia? Cho’gath Elise Evelynn Fiddlesticks Fizz? Galio? Gragas? Heimerdinger Karma Karthus Kat Kayle Kennen? Lissandra? Lulu? Malzahar Nautilus? Rumble Sej? Singed Skarner? Swain Talon Teemo Velkoz? Viktor? Vladimir Ziggs Zyra Zilean

Amumu? Cho’gath Dr. Mundo Gragas? Hecarim Malphite Maokai Nasus Nautilus? Nunu Rammus Shen? Sion Trundle? Zac

Tank Support
https://gyazo.com/4cbb77616ef9f91f2e52425c05cfef75 OR https://gyazo.com/79e38d3d40b508e467050437c9e33702
Alistar Blitz Bard Braum Leona Morg? Tahm Kench? Taric Thresh

Burst Mage
Ahri Akali Annie? Cassiopeia? Diana Ekko Fizz? Galio? Gragas? Kassadin LeBlanc Lissandra? Lux Morderkaiser Nidalee? Orianna Rek’sai? Ryze Sej? Syndra Tahm Kench? Twisted Fate Udyr Veigar Velkoz? Vi? Viktor? Xerath

Heal or shield support
Janna Lulu? Morg? Nami Sona soraka

Gangplank Tryndamere Yasuo Pantheon

AD Carry
https://gyazo.com/1c9ad70f4649b9cde4e3be011429ae86 OR https://gyazo.com/75f3b8c9533aedf27e0ee09314b5210b OR https://gyazo.com/fe9b41151e0f11f8c2387312e2ce29f2
Ashe Caitlyn Corki Draven Ezreal Graves Jayce Jinx Kalista Kindred Kog’maw Lucian Miss Fortune Quinn Sivir Tristana Twitch Urgot Vayne Varus


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