Monday, November 23, 2015

League of Legends Guide - The Perfect Twitch Build by Only Twitch

Hi, I'm Only Twitch on the NA server. I hit Master promos this season playing only Twitch in ranked and I am also the author of the #1 Twitch guide on! After days of experimenting to find the perfect Twitch build, I think I've finally found one. Here you go:

Guinsoo's Rageblade > Runaans Hurricane > Berserkers Greaves > Infinity Edge > Bloodthirster > Lord Dominiks Regards

Aight, now let me explain this build. You can find a copy of the explanation as well as basically everything there is to Twitch on my Twitch guide here:
  • Rageblade/Hurricane grant Twitch insane attack speed and crit
  • Rageblade/Hurricane core is a cheap, affordable mid game core
  • Rageblade/Hurricane provides waveclear that Twitch often lacks
  • These 2 items alone allow Twitch to reach 2.5 attack speed along with his Q steroid
    This means that a Twitch, a champion who synergizes highly with attack speed and is one of the highest attack speed scaling marksman, who also happens to lack waveclear and affordable mid-game items, now has not only scaling AoE damage, but three times that amount of AoE thanks to hurricane.

Twitch ult.
  • Twitch ult applies on-hit effects to everything it hits. > This makes Twitch's teamfight stupidly strong due to Rageblade AoE IN ADDITION to Twitch's AoE line ultimate.
There's more though.
  • Now lets imagine the teamfight occurs near an enemy minion wave. Twitch ult will apply Rageblade AoE to all those minions on-hit. Goodnight enemy team.

  • Insanely cheap core
  • You reach 2.5 Attack Speed with this build
  • Huge mid game powerspike
  • Very fast Hypercarry activation with finished core
  • Tons of waveclear/AoE
  • Very high DPS if you can keep attacking with full attack speed
  • High attack speed synergizes well Twitch's natural high attack speed scaling
  • Can blow up entire enemy teams within seconds
  • Vulnerable to attack speed slows
  • Requires an experienced ADC to use attack speed effectively (ect. Kiting.)
  • No early lifesteal
  • Assassination potential is slightly weaker
Most of my builds/tests were experimented using a Diamond 5 smurf account. I think I played about 50 games so far in the preseason. This build seemed much more promising than the rest/current Twitch builds everyone is using. I do not have many games on my main account in ranked using this build- which I will definitely begin spamming soon. Follow my games if you'd like!
tl;dr: Insane attack speed, poison stacking, rageblade passive AoE, crit chance, makes up for Twitch's lack of wave clear, affordable mid-game items, hurricane bolts synergy with Twitch passive, ... wow.

Want to see more?

Comments, Questions, Critiques, and Suggestions are much welcomed!


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