Monday, November 30, 2015

League of Legends - Detailed Pre-Season 6 Ahri Guide by Accursed Demon

So that's my first guide and I choose to do it for Ahri because she is one of my favourite champions in the game.
I hope you enjoy it and if you like it and find it useful just hit that thumbs up or subscribe to my channel to see more incoming content :) !
If you have any tips on how to improve my videos I would be glad to read them !

My stream:

00:00-00:39 introduction
00:40-02:49 runes
02:50-05:57 masteries
05:58-11:09 item builds
11:10-12:40 skill order
12:41-14:02 tricks and tips
14:03-16:58 laningphase
16:59-18:04 teamfights
18:05 the end :D

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