Wednesday, October 14, 2015

League of Legends Guide - Jungle Basics - Visual Guide to the camps on Summoner's Rift by WardingTotem

Hey guys!
About 2 or 3 months ago I was tipping around in Photoshop and put together a little guide for a friend who was relatively new to the game and curious about jungling. After finishing it up, I decided that I could flesh it out a little more and pretty it up a bit with the intent of helping others get their heads around the role. I will say that this is not a complete guide to jungling, as such there's no information on the purpose/effect of the role, jungling champions or particular techniques whilst jungling.

Regardless, I present you with a simple image that should help just about anybody get a grasp on the jungle camps present on Summoner's Rift; where they are, what they're capable of, what rewards one gets from smiting and/or killing them, etc. None of the information is anything new to most players, but I figured that perhaps one or two people could learn a thing or two from it. That and I was sick of seeing it sit pointlessly in my hard-drive.

On top of that, I also put together two other images for the sake of a reference for said friend above. Once again, they're nothing new for those who are already experienced junglers - merely just a compilation of the stats and effects each item and their enchantments.

Jungle camps on Summoner's Rift (Large image: 1920x1604) - Refer to Icon Legend on the right
Bonus Jungle items & their respective Smite variations (Image, applies to patch 5.20)
Bonus Jungle item Enchantments (Image, applies to patch 5.20)
Album containing all images + extras
Data should be accurate and applicable for patch 5.20.

If any readers spot an error or have a suggestion, post it below in the comments or, once again, feel free to PM me.


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