Wednesday, October 28, 2015

League of Legends Guide - 4 Minute Guide to Jungle Pantheon by Trevorius

Hello everyone Trevorius here with a 4 minute guide for a champ we haven't seen in a while, MANTHEON. I personally still love this champion (mostly cause he requires 0 mechanics) and I love to whip him out in solo queue every now-and-then.

With everyone focusing so hard on what is "meta" and what is considered "good" Pantheon has taken a back seat in the current meta. This is most likely due to his lack of play in LCS and Worlds, but you know what? Solo Queue ain't LCS

In solo queue you play what's good, and pantheon is a solo queue STOMPER. So enjoy my guide guys, and give pantheon a try in your own games!

Link to the video 


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