Tuesday, September 8, 2015

League of Legends Video - 1st Blood With Shaco Every Time ++ In Depth Guide! AD v [by Ayyo Baebyy]

Hi! This is an in depth guide on how to get 1st blood in the jungle with shaco almost everytime after you practice a bit :P Theres details on routes to take and where to stand/go! Hope it helps! Also this works up until mid plat before its less common!! Real easy in low elo! This is the AD version ap is a little harder.

Masteries: 29 0 1
9 Mark Armor Pen
2 Quint Attack Damage
1 Quint Attack Speed
9 Seal Armor
7 Glyphs Attack Speed
2 Glyphs Magic Resist

Theres also a few little clips I left in and some mess around stuff.

If you have any requests, suggestions, comments, ect.. feel free to leave them :)

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