Monday, September 7, 2015

League of Legends Guide - Lux is very strong now! \ A quick guide by Ortemis

Lux was always viable, buffs to her W and E made her good, but nobody played her because she wasn't LCS-worthy. Finally the latest buffs to her Q made her very strong. Let's look at her pros and cons.

Pros: strong laning phase (1v1 and assisting ganks), snowbally, scales extremely well, long range, high burst, great CC, good poke, good shield.

Cons: no mobility, vulnerable to ganks, all skillshots (especially Q is hard to land).

In my opinion, her kit's pros definitely outweigh its cons. She's everything you could want from a Mage. The reason she wasn't so great before was the clunkiness of her W and E, but those are fixed!

I'll give you a few tips for different stages of the game:

Runes and masteries: standard AP, (scaling) AP glyphs so you can kill casters with E + auto at level 5.

Summoners: Barrier vs burst with ignite (like zed), heal vs burst without ignite (like azir and rengar), TP vs TF and Diana, Cleanse vs a lot of hard CC (like Veigar, Ahri, Leona, Ashe), Ghost in any other situation. You can take ignite if you really want to win lane but I personally don't do that because the ignite range is shorter than all your spells so you have to walk up to cast it.

Items: athene's/morello's, luden's, zhonya/deathcap, void, situational. Get sorcs after first item, latest after luden's. Get mejai's after first item if you can safely teamfight without dying, NOT if you're fed. If your teammates are fed but you are not, this is the perfect opportunity to buy mejai's.

Laning phase: - Lux is strong at any stage of the game including lane phase. She can out trade anybody with an E + auto combo level 1. Later, her W makes her trades even more efficient. - Be aggressive early, her E is easy to land and try to get the auto off after if you can safely. That said, be wary of the enemy jungler, as Lux is especially vulnerable to early ganks. - DO NOT randomly throw out Q's. Save them for enemy aggression, especially jungler ganks. It's very easy to dodge and has a long cool down so while it's down you're a sitting duck. - If you fall behind, if your summoners are down, or if you're very afraid of a jungler gank, farm safely with your Q and E.

Teamfights: - Poke with your E, again very easy to land. - Only use your Q if you have a good chance of landing it! Again, long cooldown so if they engage while it's down. you're in trouble. - Throw out your W as much as you can, the amount of damage it can block is completely crazy. - Try to only use R on cc'd enemies, preferably on their carries. It is also easy to dodge. - Keep your distance, but don't forget that your passive is very powerful if you can safely apply without dying.

Random tips: - Always invade, level up Q if you see an enemy! - E is great for zoning and vision, like Ziggs' E. Otherwise, you should almost always double tap E (0.25 seconds between clicks or so). - Lux is very strong in jungle skirmishes, like Rumble except all her abilities are now easy to land. - Use E+R to quickly clear the wave if you're backing. - R for sniping low HP enemies can be good if you won't need it in the immediate future. - DON'T EVER FLASH FORWARD TO ENGAGE YOU MADMAN YOU ARE NOT ANNIE -Juggernauts HATE this tip: kite kite kite kite kite.

My summoner name is Ortemis on NA if you're curious.


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