Tuesday, September 1, 2015

League of Legends Guide - Akali: True Balance Build "The way she was meant to be..." by Faal_Rovaniik

The point of this build is to give her an even amount of AD and AP and even ARMOR and MR. Thus earning the name True Balance Build. 

The masteries are 21/9/0 taking standard CDR fighter stuff. Basically what you'd grab on Riven. 

Now runes, I recommend hybrid penetration (Since no one actually buys Hybrid marks you can just swap them out with Magic Pen marks OR Armor Pen Marks for all game damage mainly cause you're going to be spamming your E on a 1 second cooldown that deals PHYSICAL damage.) marks armor seals and magic resist glyphs and flat ad quints. 

Now here's the item set for any occasion ever. Gunblade, Ninja Tabi, (no not cause she's a ninja, but it is funny) Will Of The Ancients, Ravenous Hydra, Rylai's Crystal Septer and a Spirit Visage. End game you should have an even 325-ish ad and ap. And a 125 armor and MR with a handy 3000 hp. And a staggering 70% Spell Vamp. Take a longsword and some pots at the start and start E (early extra passive and your auto's will beat them in addition to free sustain at level 1.) and start heading top lane. Then grab Q and W. Max E. Then Q. Then W. And R at any chance you get. 

For end game elixirs? Literally any of them will work fine. I prefer the AP Elixer because of the true damage in combination with your passive will absolutely destroy towers.

P.S. Once you get the first 3 items. Build Ravenous alongside Rylai's. Mainly cause if you build straight ad your other abilities won't deal as much damage. I prefer to grab a Tiamat and a Needlessly Large Rod alongside each other but finish Ravenous first of the two.

Your first back, by the way, should be a Hextech Revolver.

I know you'll just judge off of experience or something. I urge you to 1v3 the enemy at end game lol.

Listen to these guys who tried it. And died by it.
~Friend that tried it "I have never had so much fun R-ing into the enemy team being able to 1v5 and R around all of the spamming my autos and E rapidly. SHE HAS SO MUCH AOE DAMAGE SUSTAIN."
~A different friend "This hp gain is on par with full Life Steal Sated Devourer Aatrox... Aatrox would be proud xD"
~Enemy Laner "Okay... I'm done..." ~Friend of the guy above on the enemy team "He just DC'd... Fuck you Akali..."

Now wasn't that nice xD. Don't knock it till you try it.

I found a second build since people were whining how CC shuts this whole build down. WHICH IS RIGHT that's completely right. So I found you guys a substitution. This is the new build order for less cc and more survivability.
Regular Build -> HexG, Ninja Tabi, WotA, RH, Rylai's, Spirit Visage. Double Ward Trinket (Monster Jumping).  
Alternate Build -> HexG, Merc Treads, WotA, RH, Zhonya's, Spirit Visage. Double Ward Trinket (Monster Jumping).

See you on the rift.


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