Tuesday, March 5, 2013

League of Legends - Season 3 Jungle Volibear Guide

Red: AD
Yellow: Armour
Blue: Mr/level
Quints: MS

Standard 9/21 bruiser page.

Go tanky. Focus on health as your passive and W both benefit from high HP pools. 
You can go Madreds or Spirit Stone as starter items followed by a Locket and Warmogs. 
Mercs are pretty mandatory on Voli as he is very susceptible to kiting. 
Other good items include anything with health and defensive stats- Aegis, Randuins, Spirit Visage, etc. 
CDR is also good as it will increase your DPS and overall utility as a tank.

Your ganks are pretty mean and your W damage is crazy on low health targets. 
 Look to apply as much pressure as possible in ganks, but be careful of skirmishes as your passive is weaker at lower levels and other champs can bring more to the table at this stage.

You should be tankier now, so start looking for fights. Your W will utterly wreck everyone still, but be careful of CC. You may be tankier but you are no raidboss yet.

Voli can be extremely disruptive in team fights. Launch yourself at the carries and soak as much damage/cc/cooldowns as you can. Alternatively, you can use your E and Q to help peel the enemy bruisers off your own carries.

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