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Rengar - How to one shot(League of Legends guide) by Priest

"One shot" technique with Rengar

In this video I teach you how to perform infamous "one shot" technique with Rengar, the Pridestalker.
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Top 5 Best Champions for EVERY ROLE in Solo Queue for Patch 5.12 by Pants are Dragon - League of Legends

Hi everyone, my name is Pants are Dragon and I was a challenger player who peaked at rank 47 in Season 4 and finished in challenger by the end of season 4 and now I'm challenger around 493 LP and it's that time of the month again where I post my thoughts on who the best champions are for each role in solo queue right now. There's different picks I see in this ELO and I see what people are prioritizing over other picks. Honestly the reason I'm doing this post is to promote my channel and if you want to get this post earlier in video format, subscribe right here!

Just going to do write a few pros and cons as it's a lot of work to write some stuff about champions so I want to shorten it and in-depth explanations are on the videos I created for this patch as long as other champions (honorable mentions) I talk about in multiple lanes, which is definitely one thing I would like to emphasize since I do value videos more than text posts.

Remember, these champions are what I think are really good from my perspective in the games I've been in and I just look at how often/played and strength they have, everyone has there own opinions of whats good so I'm expecting a lot of conflicting comments AND I'LL BE WAITING FOR THOSE and there IS a difference in lower ELO and what is strong there (A MOO MOO, DA DONGER, MALZAHARHAR, etc.) but not really too god in higher ELO.


(1) Irelia:
Pros: Incredible snowball potential, huge power spike with Trinity Force, 2 second stun, tanky (passive, R+W).
Cons:True damage falls LATE game.
(2) Hecarim:
Pros: Homeguard ganks easy on bottom, very mobile around the map, can take ignite for kill pressure along with TP.
Cons: Not a lot of tankiness besides W
(3) Ryze:
Pros: becomes god when super charged, just needs Tear & RoA to be useful, actually does more dmg then previous Ryze
Cons: Vulnerable to ganks, rather underwhelming when not super charged.
(4) Vladimir:
Pros: With no ignite in the top lane and more tanks in the top lane, Vlad has a free lane to bully his opponents while they can't really do much to him. A lot of base damage, sustain, spell vamp, tanky with zhonyas and spirit visage, low CDs, scales extremely well into late game.
Cons: No mobility, very little utility, easy to get picked off.
(5) Rumble:
Pros: Great follow up initiation, zoning potential, Front line mage
Cons: Some ults will be more impactful then other ults, AP ratios aren't as great as other mages late game.


(1) Ashe:
Pros: A lot of Utility, great mid/late game scaling, can initiate from a far (also global), free clairvoyance on E, long range.
Cons:: No escapes.
(2) Kalista:
Pros: Great at kiting tanks, Runaan's + BoTRK OP (both buffed this patch it's small but it helps), awesome mid game power spike.
Cons:: Falls off late game
(3) Vayne:
Pros: Great dueling, Tank killer, great late game
Cons: Weak laning phase
(4) Sivir:
Pros: Ultimate utility is GREAT, very high kiting, pushes waves easily, spell shield is OP as a defensive tool especially late game with 10 second CD.
Cons: 500 range!
(5) Jinx:
Pros: Strong late game carry, long range, ultimate is great finisher.
Cons: No escapes.


(1) Rek'sai:
Pros: Ult is great for farming, flanking unsuspecting enemies, great basic damage, awesome peel with W and stops gap closers if played right, TUNNELS FOR MOBILITY = FASTER CLEARS, map control, tanky with passive, good ganks.
Cons: Only 1 CC, not a lot of utility when behind (but it's hard to get behind when you have fast clears)
(2) Nidalee:
Pros: Very strong jungler early game, good mid game, fast clears. Runeglaive gives her ganks more consistency since she has to just auto, stronger mid/late game cause free lich bane.
Cons: Snowball reliant, Q skillshot reliant, no utility except heal. Weaker poke mid/late (cause 40 less ap not from magus but NOT BIG DEAL)
NOTES: Good Nidalee players (not me) are incredibly annoying and the risk of having a good one on the enemy team is too high and annoying to deal with, this is why she's banned and can be considered higher if your really good at her.
(3) Evelynn:
Pros: Wards useless (unless deep wards), very good early game pressure, mixed damage, decent initation.
Cons: Falls off late game more then a falling rock, no one knows what the best build with her is (RG vs WAR vs CH?)
(4) Nunu:
Pros: Cinderhulk + Q = easy clears (BIG EMPHASIS HERE, if he was decent without cinderhulk before in season 4 and just had single target clears, imagine having AoE clears on him to deal with the small camps), make ADC = SSJADC which makes him great late game, very strong peel with E and R. Great with skirmisher's to deal some true damage with autos. The nerf to Cinderhulk didn't hurt him because he's not up front hitting enemies he's trying to zone his enemies and position himself in team fights.
Cons: Not a lot of damage (easy for me cause everyone's got good mechanics in master/challenger), put him lower cause skirmisher's sabre got nerfed and that was really good on him (still good in some sense)
(5) Lee Sin:
Pros: Early game strong, still good mid game, a lot of mobility, good base damage
Cons: Falls off late game, takes skill to play,


(1) Ezreal:
Pros: Runeglaive gives wave clear, with trailblazer, insane amount of burst damage, long range, GREAT poke. Short cooldowns.
Cons: Skillshot reliant, weak laning phase
(2) Twisted Fate:
Pros: Decent poke, semi-global ultimate, Wave clear, Luden's echo user, 2 second stun every 6 seconds
Cons: Easy kills in mid, no escapes (except ult but...)
(3) Viktor:
Pros: STRONG base damage (scales really good with levels hexcore & Q), good when behind, great burst damage, wave clear with E.
Cons: Short ranged, his only form of CC is short ranged also (more of counter initiation then initiation)
(4) Varus:
Pros: Q poke is devastating, it's like Jayce E+Q but more often, infact he's the new jayce. ULT initiations and safe laning with Q once he can wave clear easy. Also an ADC so scales great into late game.
Cons: No escapes
(5) Azir:
Pros: A lot of damage mid/late game, good poke / zoning with soldiers, wall to push back bruisers assassins, safe laning phase.
Cons: Very high skill cap. Low base damage without AP (I guess useless when behind)


(1) Soraka
Pros: Heals, Ancient Coin Buff = More Health Regen = more heals, E provides good zoning, good laning phase
Cons: Squishy, W has short range, grevious wounds, I'm being BIASED as FK though cause I have a really good win rate with her.
(2) Janna:
Pros: Ultimate heal + CC, godlike mobility with W Mobility Boots & Passive.
Cons: Squishy, reliant on using skills efficiently
(3) Bard:
Pros: A lot of utility, very good peeling, kiting and disengaging. Can split the enemy team in half with ultimate, good roams with passive + Q. GOOD BARD PLAYERS can easily carry games (holy shit Aphroomoo in solo queue is annoying with Bard)
Cons: Aphroomoo's Bard is terrifying in solo queue, high skill cap using your ultimate properly is key
(4) Nautilus:
Pros: High CC, a lot of damage with E and a lot of utility, ult to lock-down enemies, scales great as he gets levels, TANKY.
Cons: Can be poked down in laning phase.
(5) Thresh:
Pros: Good thresh players will carry, a lot of utility, basically does everything a support can do.
Cons: Hard to master


The Video that this Tier List is based off of for more visual, these are the videos I made for this patch and also what I'm trying to promote off this text post!

Thanks for watching/reading if you guys enjoyed it, if you want to support me feel free to subscribe to my YouTube channel right here and if this does good I'll try to do this for next patch too!.


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Little things you can do to improve your play | League of Legends Tutorial by Torenthal

Improve your play

Info about joining the Test Subjects:
My Youtube Channel: www.youtube.com/c/TorenthalShawn
My Twitch Channel: www.twitch.tv/torenthium
Teamspeak IP: tts.tserverhq.com

Again, thank you so much for watching my video, I'll be coming out with more soon. Please feel free to leave comments and tips I can do to improve my video!

martes, 30 de junio de 2015

Stop pushing mid after you take down mid inhib by eliteneckbeard [League of Legends]

Too many times my team have kept pushing mid for the sake of pushing mid then  gets aced...  

Please for the love of god, once you take down mid inhib and notice that you only have three minions - either back or push another lane if the enemy can't collapse onto you and then back. Do NOT keep staying in the enemy's base pushing mid. (note: you SHOULD push mid if the enemy has significant death timers (e.g. 30-40s+) or you're supported by a LARGE minion wave, or are extremely far ahead of the enemy team). Note that this advice is for closing games out safely and securely.

There is no point pushing mid because that wave will always slowpush and people will be focused on killing the super minions.. as a result you have more pressure on mid and that gives you a significant advantage and allows you to take down bot and top inhib towers much more easily.

Also, PUSH waves. If the enemy team scores an ace on you and your lanes are fully pushed to the enemy side, it's likely they can't take down any of your towers. PUSH PUSH PUSH.


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League Of Legends - Anivia Guide by Sugi Khan

Anivia Guide by Sugi Khan

Just to be clear this is not Froggen Anivia Guide and its bit different playstyle as anivia as well. I like to build her bit differently and maybe sometimes less damage than most AP carries, but if you are going to be your teams main damage source you have to go heavier AP items and drop defensive stuff more.

viernes, 26 de junio de 2015

League of Legends - Key Binding Tips/Tricks by MeNoHaxor

Key Binding Tips/Tricks

Hi everybody!
I made a video on key bindings to teach people about some of the special functions that exist in the game, as well as the set-up I use for maximum efficiency. This video was aimed with a support mindset, as support players can make a lot of use with the key bindings I talk about, but any role can definitely learn a couple of interesting ideas from the video. Enjoy!