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League of Legends - 6 Tricks to Maximize your Twisted Fate by StaticzLoL

I recently interviewed Challenger Twisted Fate main 54bomb99 on my podcast, Ranked Edge. He gave me some awesome TF tips that I wanted to share with the community! To check out the whole episode, go to or search “Ranked Edge” on iTunes.
  1. At level 1, you can kill the enemy’s 3 small wraiths with red card. This allows you to get to lane without missing extra minions, and the XP advantage allows you to hit level 2 after the first minion wave and zone your opponent or go for an early first blood.
  2. Fake out your opponent with gold card. Draw a yellow card, then use your Q at point blank range. The hand movement animation looks almost exactly the same same as your auto attack animation, so you can bait avoidance abilities like vlad pool, zonya, spell shields, etc.
  3. For a more advanced gold card fake out: start an auto attack animation as you lock in a gold card. If you lock the card in just as you are auto attacking, the auto will go off while the gold card is above your head but it won’t apply the stun to the auto attack. So, the auto attack will go off but won’t stun anyone. You can use this to bait avoidance abilities, and then stun with the subsequent auto.
  4. You can lock a card mid ultimate.
  5. The pick a card system runs even when you don’t have it showing. So basically it keeps the tempo and runs through the cards the entire game at the same pace, so if you can tap your foot or somehow keep track of the pace, you can essentially lock the right card without even looking.
  6. If you have 0%, 10%, 20%, 30%, or 40% CDR - if you lock yellow and immediately throw it, and then immediately lock again, it will always be yellow.
I hope these tips are useful for some of you TF players out there. Check out the full episode for tons of other great content like this!


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League of legends - S6 Master Yi Guide by Hotpes

Patch 6.9
Season 6
Guide for the Champion: Master Yi, the wuju bladesman

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League of Legends - Season 6 Vi Jungle Guide | Patch 6.10 by JacobSnakeUp

Season 6 Vi Jungle guide for patch 6.10. Should I upload full length gameplays every once in awhile?


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League of Legends - Patch 6.10 Rundown by lastshadow9

Patch 6.10 rundown -- Watch live at

0:40 Anivia
1:43 Aurelion Sol
2:46 Cassiopeia
3:55 Fiddlesticks
4:39 Fizz
5:29 Illaoi
6:33 Jinx

***** 7:00 Malzahar *****

10:47 Master Yi
12:20 Nocturne
12:24 Shyvanna
12:27 Swain
15:30 Taric
15:39 Tryndamere

****** 16:18 Vel'Koz ******

17:32 Vladimir
18:51 Zyra
19:45 Splash updates
19:59 Jungle Respawn Timers
20:34 First Minion Wave

***** 22:22 Mountain Drake / Dragons *****

24:46 Turrets take less true damage
24:54 Bloodrazor
26:12 Barrier/Ghost
27:00 Dynamic Que

27:03 Concluding / upcoming skins

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League of Legends - New AP Item Guide: "When and why do I build these new items?" by Squidblimp

Hey there! There's a lot of new AP items, and some people seem confused about what to build and when, and sometimes end up getting suboptimal items. This should hopefully help with understanding which AP items to buy on your Champion, and when.

Click the names of the items to view their Wiki pages. This will show you the stats of the items. I didn't want to type out the stats, because this post focuses more on the "when?" and "why?" rather than the "what?" of the actual changes. This will keep the post shorter and easier to read! Also, I did not include Athene's. This is because Athene's is basically a Support item now, unless you situationally build it on Orianna.

Let's begin!


Get one of these if you find yourself going OOM. With your main course of mana, you can choose a side salad to go with it. Take your pick of CDR and lane dominance, late game scaling and infinite mana, or tankiness and health sustain.

Morellonomicon / Lost Chapter

Notable Changes: AP increased, flat mana added, mana regeneration removed, now gives you old Athene's mana refund passive on assists.
When To Buy:
  • This is the lane dominance mana item now; the Lost Chapter that Morellonomicon builds out gives you huge mana regen spikes when leveling up (a little like the old Rod of Ages), allowing you to stay in lane and keep trading with your opponent. The build path is also filled with cheap AP and CDR items, great for getting an early lead and snowballing more and more every time you recall.
  • Get this if you just need the extra CDR, and you don't think that the CDR on Zhonya's, Abyssal, and Lucidity will cut it for you, or you just don't want those items.
  • Great against champions that can heal, as it provides Grievous Wounds on targets below 35% health. A good buy against those pesky Sorakas and Swains.
  • Get this if you only need to use 2 or 3 rotations of spells in a team fight. A good example of this is Ahri. Don't get it if you need to spam many many spells in a team fight, or need to toggle a spell on constantly, such as Ryze or Swain, unless you are also pairing it with another mana item.

Seraph's Embrace / Archangel's Staff / Tear of the Goddess

Notable Changes: Refunds a portion of mana spent, mana regen removed.
When To Buy:
  • This item is the best late game mana item, as it gives the most AP when you factor in the passive that gives AP based on mana. In lane, Tear of the Goddess provides a great deal of mana sustain. The trade-off is that you will probably not stomp your laning phase. When you buy this, you are basically saying you want to farm for the late game.
  • Get this if you need to constantly spam spells and you essentially want an unlimited mana pool. A good example might be Veigar, since he wants to spam his Q whenever it is up to gain AP from hitting his lane opponent. Other good examples might be Orianna, Ziggs and Ryze.
  • Keep in mind that you don't have to only get this mana item. You can just buy Tear of the Goddess, complete Morellonomicon, and then finish Archangel's Staff later on in the game after you've stacked the Tear of the Goddess.

Rod of Ages / Hextech GLP-800 / Catalyst of Aeons

Notable Changes:
  • All Items: Damage taken from enemy Champions is gained as mana, mana spent is gained back as health.
  • Rod of Ages: Less AP, less flat mana.
  • Hextech GLP-800: Less AP and health than Rod of Ages, more mana than Rod of Ages to start with and equals out eventually, gains a low cooldown active that has an AoE slow in a cone that deals damage scaling with level and AP.
When To Buy:
  • These are the tanky mana items; get one of these if you know you are going to be taking damage. Righteous Glory could have been on this list due to sharing the same passive, but buying that on an AP champion is probably not the best. The new Eternity mana/health regen passive is great if you know you are going to be trading in lane a lot, and you know that you will be dealing and receiving damage constantly.

  • Get Rod of Ages when: You are a late game Champion that prefers higher AP and tankiness, and you don't expect to stomp the laning phase. Also get this if you already have a Hextech item, as Hextech actives don't stack. This item is also best on Champions that want to be directly in the middle of the fight and have a way to survive, like Swain's healing on his ultimate, but you can still get this item if you just prefer the extra AP.

  • Get Hextech GLP-800 when: You want early game power without having to stack, as this item beats Rod of Ages in stats before it is stacked. Also get this item if you need the utility of a slowing active to help you land your combo, or kite enemies. This item is better on mages who don't want to be directly in the thick of things because they don't have many defensive abilities, but their short range makes them take damage anyway. Another viable strategy is to use this item as part of your burst combo if you don't have spammable abilities, for example Annie, or perhaps even Cho'Gath.

  • Mid and short ranged mages are the best users of these items, as they will take a ton of damage and gain it back as mana, and then spend the mana to regain health. These are also great on sustained damage mages, because a lot of these champions have to constantly spam abilities, creating an endless cycle of health lost = mana, mana spent = health, allowing them to stay in the fight for a long time. Examples of good Champions to buy these items on are Malzahar, Swain, and Lissandra, as these are all mid/short-ranged mages with spammable abilties. However, this item is also viable on short-ranged burst mages, such as Annie.


Get one of these if you need extra CDR, and a nice active or passive to go with it. These items are defined by having less than the usual 100 AP, but make up for it with extra tankiness and survivability, as well as some utility. I didn't include Rylai's because that item wasn't changed, and everyone knows how to use it.

Zhonya's Hourglass / Abyssal Scepter / Hextech Protobelt-01

Notable Changes:
  • All Items: 10% CDR on every one of these items now. Picking one of these is a great way to cap your CDR.
  • Zhonya's Hourglass: Less AP, active cooldown increased, but is now way cheaper, which is great for Champions that rely on this item.
  • Abyssal Scepter: Less AP, more MR, MR reduction aura scales with levels. Quite a bit more expensive now.
  • Hextech Protobelt-01: Gives health, which the other items don't have. Also gives you a short dash on a low cooldown with AoE damage attached. Gives 60 AP, just like Abyssal.
When To Buy:
  • Get these items when you want to be in the middle of the fight, and need a way to survive a little longer. Additionally, these can also be useful for backline Champions who need a defense against assassins and divers. Also great for capping your CDR.

  • Get Zhonya's Hourglass when: This is the most versatile of these items, but also has the longest cooldown. You could just get this for the additional armor and extra 10 extra AP, but this is not always optimal. I would say there are 3 main situations for this item. First, to counter a specific Champion's high cooldown ability, specifically targeted or delayed damage abilities. This could include Zed's ultimate, Fizz's ultimate, Veigar's ultimate, Karthus' ultimate, and Vi's ultimate. Second, to survive a 1v5 dive into the entire enemy team where tank stats wouldn't be enough to save you. This is best if you already have a gap closer; think Fiddlesticks, with his ult into Zhonya's, or Lissandra's engage into self-ult, into more abilities into Zhonya's. This is also good in some other cases occasionally, where a Champion's damage keeps applying during Zhonya's; I already mentioned Fiddlesticks, but this also applies to Swain, with his ultimate plus Zhonya's combo. Aurelion Sol's W stars continue to orbit during Zhonya's as well. Finally, against high damage engages when playing longer-ranged mages. For example, you are playing Vel'Koz, but they have a fed Master Yi and Diana that keep flanking you and your team cannot peel them for long enough before they kill you. Grab a Zhonya's Hourglass and give your team that precious 2.5 extra seconds that they need to deal with or at least chunk the threats, because if you die, you'll probably lose the fight. Some additonal uses are waiting on cooldowns, and outplays with certain Champion kits, such as Ekko's W Zhonya's combo to stun enemies while not being at risk, or Twisted Fate's ultimate plus gold card into Zhonya's combo for an easy pick on an enemy carry.

  • Get Abyssal Scepter when: You need to out-stat your opponent. If your enemies have magic damage that is bursting you a little too fast before you can do your job, get this item. Also great if you have several sources of magic damage on your team, as the MR reduction aura will help them out as you frontline. I would not recommend buying this item on any long-ranged mages, as the aura of the MR reduction is quite small, and it is probably outside of your ability range if you are positioning correctly. The best users of this item are Champions like Fiddlesticks and Lissandra, but it could also be a good pickup on medium-ranged mages like Ahri if you are against a pesky LeBlanc or Fizz, and need some early MR to deal with their burst.

  • Get Hextech Protobelt-01 when: You need to out-play your opponent before the game gets too late. This item is cheap, but not slot efficient at all, unless you are getting close to your opponent and using this item as part of your burst combo. There are three main uses. First, get this item when you need to engage on your opponent and snowball. Playing Annie and need a way to engage without Flash, or want a longer engage with Flash up? This is your item. Playing Fiddlesticks, but the enemy has a slippery carry like Vayne, Ezreal or Tristana? This item can help you to follow their gap closer and get in range for a fear. Second, get this item if need to dodge a key skillshot. This varies from game to game. Let's say you're playing Swain, and you're against a Brand. Dodging a Brand stun is easy enough at range, but if you're going in for the kill, it can be hard to juke when you're in his face. This item can let you juke the stun and keep going to secure the kill. Thirdly, you can use this item to add more damage to your burst combo, as the damage scales with AP. Veigar could be a good example possibly, because of his super high AP, though using this item aggressively can be risky, unless you are only using it to gap close for a stun. Diana or Fizz might be better examples, as you can have some extra slipperiness after going in, while doing extra damage at point blank range. I would only recommend this item on medium or short-ranged mages, as the lack of slot efficiency isn't worth the dash active if you're way in the backline, as you won't really use the active to deal damage. You should be focusing on positioning correctly back there so you don't get hit, rather than relying on this item to dodge a skillshot, and Zhonya's is much better against divers. The only time I can see this not being the case is against something like a Xin Zhao, where the shorter cooldown active on Protobelt is more useful than the long Zhonya's cooldown for mitigating short-cooldown engages.

Hope this helped! Please leave your feedback. Thanks for reading!