lunes, 5 de octubre de 2015

sábado, 3 de octubre de 2015

League of Legends Video - What To Ban In Patch 5.19 \ Most OP Champions [by Remus]

Best ban picks for LOL Patch 5.19, most OP, overpowered, broken, top champions to carry in ranked. Best 5.19 champions, most banned. Best champions to carry. Easiest champions to carry, what to avoid playing against.
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viernes, 2 de octubre de 2015

League of Legends Video - Kayle Guide and Build ( S5 5.18/5.19 ) [by The Judicator]

Thanks For Watching ! And Don't Forget To Suggest What you want to see on Kayle ^-^.

This is my first Video , I Accept Feedback in the comments so feel free to give me advice on anything or if u want to know a specific point in the video :3 ( Yea The Mic is Kinda Funky in The beginning but i fixed it and it should be good to go for the next video )

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jueves, 1 de octubre de 2015

League of Legends Guide - Easiest things you could be doing to get better [by BillyBoss]

Hi,  I am BillyBoss, TSM top lane sub, 3 accounts in challenger (two are in the top 60), go to school full-time, and coach league of legends as a past time hobby and part time job.

When I coach players, I catch myself reiterating things that are very basic, but may not seem very obvious. Most of my students want get-better quick advice, and I tell all of them that there is no such thing.

I've come to the conclusion after about 300+ hours of coaching (and analyzing my student's overall ranked-tier growths) that practicing one's fundamentals through 1 v 1, csing,team-fighting and positioning exercises is the easiest way to increase your rank.

I want to say that many things in this sub-reddit in particular are very specific and will help you drastically less than just focusing on your basics.

For ranks such as Bronze / Silver / Gold / Plat / Diamond You can just raise your ranking by just doing custom game exercises that are very easily doable and take little time.

Here are some of these exercises you can do :

CSING exercise: CS for 10 minutes at whatever lane but with three restrictions. 1. You cannot damage a minion above 10% health (you want to kill the minion 50 hp or below usually) 2. You must be in max range of your auto attack range (if you're a ranged character such as Graves you must be 550 range from the minion. 3. Orb-walk or try to cancel your auto attack at the very last second and issue a move command.

By just improving your CS values through reinforcing muscle memory, you can gain ranks easily from just having item power spikes (such as getting a BF sword) that wouldn't be possible before if you missed CS.

The next and last exercise that I'll showcase is just a simple trading exercise that is easy to do but can help immensely.

Go into a custom game with either a bot or a friend, next with whatever hero you're playing trying to replicate the best trade you can possibly do.

For example, as Irelia go into a custom game, try to trade as efficiently as possible by weaving in auto attacks with your abilities and using the bush as a way to deter creep aggro. In a real game I would, as a level 1 Irelia, stun the enemy hero auto attack once and go into the bush to discard minion aggro. Of course the trade becomes different as you gain levels. Basically the point of this exercise is to replicate the most optimal and burst heavy combos you can possibly do with any hero.

Anyway I'll end it with that, if you have any feedback or any questions don't hesitate to message me.


martes, 29 de septiembre de 2015

League of Legends Video - Thresh Guide [by Furyline]

Hey Everyone! I hope You enjoyed this tutorial on Thresh!
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Here are the Runes & Masteries for Thresh!
x3 Armor Quintessences
x9 Mark of Armor
x3 Seal of Scaling Health
x6 Seal of Armor
x3 Flat Magic Resist
x6 Scaling Magic Resist

Thanks so much for watching!