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League of Legends - Basic Tips to Reach Platinum

Want to climb the ladder fast? Check this out

Guide by: Revehell


So I'm a Plat player S3 and S4 and I'm aiming for Diamond this season. Lately I've been trying stuff in normal and solo queue (mostly stuff that I see on streams or pro scene, to see if any of them are really good for carrying in solo queue) and I've come to notice that things would be so much simpler if some basics were explained to people. I think lately most people rise in rankings not by trying to understand the game, but by just spamming solo queue and reaching a point where they just develop some mechanics and start to win games, only to reach a silver-gold level. Then, their old tactics stop working and they come to the "my team is feeding and blah and trolls and w/e". So if you want some basic tips to easily reach at least Platinum then here they are. Notice that I followed the same and reached Plat last season starting from 500 Elo. And, I found it relatively easy to do also. I'm going to give some explanation pretty much on some DOs and DON'Ts in each lane, and some general tips.

In soloqueue, top lane is a role that if you get really good at you can carry hard because most of the time the enemy carries (even if fed) will have a hard time dealing with you. So you should focus on taking level advantage over your opponent which will result in denying him a lot of farm, or if he gets confident get early kills too. YOU SHOULD ALWAYS have this in mind and you should always push early on. Don't forget most silver-golds-plats can't even lasthit under their turret. By pushing, you:
  • Gain a level advantage over your opponent.
  • Force him to lose a lot of creeps under the tower.
  • Get jungler pressure away from your team. Yes, exactly. This is what you want to do in SoloQ. Let your "bad" midlaner and bot lane push without them having to worry. You don't have to worry that much if you are playing someone strong like Renekton, Shyvana, Mundo, Trundle, or Riven and the trinket ward should be enough to notify you early enough to survive without even flashing.
That's pretty much what you have to do in this lane. If the enemy jungler decides NOT to gank, you will probably end up having an easy time beating your enemy and his towers. Now, if you see no reaction up top keep pushing HARD. This way, you will give your team a fair amount of global gold and you will have some nice gold from the cs you get at the same time. If you get in a situation where you are strong and your team is getting wrecked, doing this also prevents the enemy team from pushing, so you give more time to your team to farm the pushed lanes and close the gap in gold. Another thing you need to know is how to ensure you do not end up dying while splitpushing. By this I mean you should know you are strong enough to splitpush and fight ANYONE, and also make sure you get some wards down. Something else that works wonders in soloQ is the use of Teleport on top laners like Mundo and Nasus. You can literally just decide when to get a doublekill bot and a Dragon. I suggest you practice this summoner spell because it is very efficient on every aspect of the game I already mentioned. It has many uses like Push/Objective Rush/Gank or even Depush the lane if you back -> walk to the dragon and take it -> teleport top to not give up the tower as well.
Champions I consider really strong for SoloQ (low elo bronze-plat) at top lane are:
  • Renekton
  • Riven
  • Shyvana
  • Nasus
  • Mundo
  • Trundle
  • Teemo
  • Tryndamere
IMPORTANT: If you actually want to do any of the things I mentioned you want to make sure you build correctly. You can't blame others when you build wrong, can you? So I'd advise you to see which items work well with your champion's passive and which items work well with your champion's kit. For example, almost any toplaner of those I mentioned could start Sunfire. But you can't do that on Riven or Nasus or blah blah. THINK BEFORE YOU BUY SOMETHING, AND ALWAYS CARRY AT LEAST 1 WARD ON YOU.

Jungle is the easiest role to carry with in soloQueue, even moreso now that high damage junglers like Kha'Zix have been starting to get lots of play. There are some basic things you'd like to do as a jungler.
  • Ward an enemy buff so you know their position; if you warded their blue and you don't see them there, they probably went Red > Wraiths then they will do blue. If their bot lane is pushing they won't likely gank so they will get wolves > wraiths and head to top. You already know that and you will be in place for a countergank.
  • Make sure you farm A LOT. In solo Queue you just need to farm a lot and even be ahead of your midlaner (considering he is not Alex'Ich to get all the farm) and hit 100 creeps around minute 15 as a jungler.
  • Make sure to buy wards to know if the enemy jungler is doing/planning something. Some great wards are for example those you put on the enemy wraiths because people in lower Elo often tend to do wraiths before recalling while at low health, resulting in an easy kill for you, maybe followed by a tower or a dragon.
  • Always Keep Timers. 5/6/7 minutes to buffs/dragon/Baron respectively.
  • Set up your Dragons. Most of the time, when you know you can solo the Dragon, you want to buy some wards and make sure the enemy has no vision and then try to get it. If you are not sure, you can just hover around bot waiting for the enemy jungler to show himself somewhere. You will either A) countergank him on BOT-MID or B) Get the dragon in exchange for your top laner.
  • Watch nightblue's guide for how to carry low Elo as jungle. He says everything I say in a MUCH better and detailed way WHILE showing it all to you.
  • Don't forget Kha'zix's favourite camp is the Wight because it's always isolated. Make sure to isolate any other camp as fast as possible for faster clears.
Champions I consider great SOLOQ Junglers right now:
  • Kha'Zix
  • Vi
  • Lee Sin
  • Jarvan IV
  • Olaf
  • Rengar
  • Elise
  • Wukong
You should always try to be one step ahead of the enemy jungler. That's my only other advice here. Also, don't you dare build first item Maw of Malmortius or anything like that. Always get a jungle item first.

Midlane has a lot in common to the top lane depending upon the champion you are playing. You want to push to get the level advantage to maybe get a kill around level 3-4 on the enemy midlaner, HOWEVER you seriously need to learn the matchups to not get destroyed while doing this. You always want to have an escape route so play near to the bush you have warded. Some smalls tips I can give on midlane on some matchups are:
  • Try to dodge skillshots like Diana's Q or Lux's E by walking a bit towards them.
  • Don't try to fight Gragas lvl3 , if he lands his barrel the AD Damage he gets from his W is probably enough to finish you with an ignite. However, if he miss his Q and E, you can turn on him to deal a good amount of damage.
  • Ask your jungler to camp Kayle pre-6 or you will hate this game.
  • If you are playing Yasuo and your jungler is Vi, just tell him to stay mid (especially post-6) and get 2-3 kills on the enemy midlaner without difficulty.
  • Buy a lot of wards to help your side lanes.
  • Depush sidelanes as Ziggs.
  • Don't forget to use your passive when you play Ahri.
  • If your team has Caitlyn , NIDALEE is a very good pick.
  • Learn when to roam, counter roam and when to stay mid and push. (I cant actually teach you that, it depends on the champion and the damage you have.)
  • Try to have map presence as much as you can.
  • Try not to get pushed around since skillshots are harder to dodge under the turret.
Champions I consider strong at midlane for soloQ:
  • Zed
  • Gragas
  • Ziggs
  • Yasuo
  • Nidalee
  • Kayle
  • Kassadin
  • Le'blanc [ Requires strong mechanics ]
  • Fizz
  • Syndra

I'm going to speak about both of these as one, because trying to apply something alone will end up not being on the same page as your partner and you will end up failing. So, mistakes bot lanes usually make in lower Elo is that they ALWAYS pick fights even if they know they can't win them. I'd say you start by pushing to level 2, probably try to all-in an enemy who is out of position, then return to farming while zoning them out because of the earlier trade. There are a lot of tips I can give you here because this is the most action packed lane with high chances of carrying a game if both laners do well.
  • As an ADCarry, try turning on your "Show AutoAttack Range" in the options. Then, when you are in the game, use "command attack" to get minions (don't do that while hitting champions at first, you will waste precious time or have misclicks). This way you will get accustomed to every carry's Autoattack range and you will be able to PUNISH your opponent for every CS they try to take. I would say it's ESSENTIAL to learn this on Caitlyn because that's pretty much what she does.
  • As a support, always try to provide lane presence to your ADCarry by constantly making the life of the enemy carry hard, either by zoning the enemy bot lane away from the wave (which results in xp advantage and denying farm) or by trying to bodyblock spells like Mystic Shot.
  • Against Ezreal, if he's zoned out, you can stay in front of the creeps to deny his farm by taking some hits yourself. Ideally you would want to do this as Leona or Taric, for example.
  • Never fight inside the enemies' creep wave during the early game. This is one of the most common mistakes.
  • Hold on to your flash as an ADCarry. If you are 3-0 and your enemy tries to run away while enemy mid and jungler are missing, don't risk using your flash to get another kill because if you get ganked you will end up giving more shutdown gold to them.
  • You need mechanics to play carries like Vayne. Don't go around playing Vayne in soloqueue if you can't use her to her full potential.
  • Help your support with the warding.
  • Always bully your enemy out by autoattacking/hitting them with spells.
  • Understand your ally to win skirmishes. Know how much damage your Janna can do, for example, before deciding you want to fight the Leona-Jinx lane.
  • Use your E early as Draven to stop Leona's Zenith Blade, Kha'Zix Jump, etc.
  • Tumble in the dragon & baron pit at the small wall will end up on completely resetting your autoattack animation and you will be able to clear the objectives faster.
  • Never start a fight, and never flash in a fight to get a kill. You are the heart of the team, you need to put out steady DPS even if you get no kills in the end. Just hit what's in front of you while trying to kite your enemies.
  • As a support you want to be a play maker. Buy talisman, in soloQ it works wonders. Use some blind spots in the map and come out with the movement speed to Tibbers their faces!
Best ADCs / Supports and BOT LANES for soloQ
  • Jinx
  • Lucian
  • Caitlyn
  • Draven [ Requires strong mechanics ]
  • Vayne [ Requires strong mechanics ]
  • Leona
  • Thresh
  • Taric
  • Lulu
  • Morgana
  • Annie
  • Jinx / Leona
  • Draven / Leona
  • Sivir / Taric
  • Sivir / Leona
  • Caitlyn / Thresh
  • Jinx / Thresh
  • Vayne / Thresh [Not good laning phase but Thresh can peel enough for Vayne]
  • Lucian / Taric
  • Lucian / Leona
IMPORTANT: in order to maximize the potential of your ADCarry gameplay, you need to learn to stutter-step. And always, ALWAYS, ALWAYS MOVE between autoattacks.

General Advice on the game:
I won't go around and say the classic "don't flame" and such. I think that it clearly just doesn't matter but it would be better to ignore the deaths of your team.
  • Never ever ever ever facecheck any bush in your jungle if the two towers are down. i.e - if mid and bot 1st towers are lost, DON'T ROAM THAT PART OF THE JUNGLE WITHOUT VISION, EVEN IF YOU ARE THE JUNGLER.
  • Objectives > Kills. Phew, I think I have to repeat myself here because most of players want to chase like crazy. OBJECTIVES > KILLS.
  • If your team is sieging any lane, don't go take the blue buff on the other side of the map, your enemies will notice, engage your team, and they will all die probably resulting in a baron.
  • If you are behind in gold, DON'T TRY TO TEAMFIGHT. Like really, just try to regain vision in your jungle and farm. Leaving your enemy no space to use his advantage probably will end up having them tower diving you, putting them at a disadvantage.
  • Top lane will most likely be ganked by minute 3-4 in solo queue.
  • Never buy first item warmogs.
  • Always think how what you build will benefit the team.
Common situations during the game you can use:
  • Siege. When you SIEGE a tower do it as a 5 or 4 man squad. Not every team comp can do it, you most likely need good poke and good wave clear. One of the best combos for this would be Nidallee and Caitlyn.
  • Being splitpushed? You want to engage FAST on the rest of the enemy team and try to get more than they did in your counterpush. In soloQ rarely will the teams disengage properly.
  • Is your team-mate splitpushing? Play it safe and bait them to move to your teammate. When they do, rush baron or push faster.
  • Being poked hard? Then you want to engage really fast. If you just engage after all of your team is half-life there is no point. Almost always try to have some CC in your team and just go ALL IN.
  • Enemy going baron, we can't fight them but my team is backing? Then don't dive in like a hero to try to steal it. Either way you will end up dying, letting your team 4v5 and probably lose the game.
  • Enemy bot lane inhibitor is down? Bait a baron fight. If they come to contest they will probably loose one Nexus tower by then. Bot lane inhibitor is the best in this case because it takes the most time for teams to rotate to/from.
**Thanks a lot for reading this, this is my first time trying to write something like this. It's probably because of my last game which really annoyed me. I hope bronze-silver-gold people will understand that the point in rising is not mechanics but understanding the game. That's why watching streams really helps, because you get to see what you need to do in which occasion. Help me improve this by suggesting or correcting me on everything. I'm doing this to help others improve and also to improve myself.
Special thanks to vNocturnus who helped me with the text.You are awesome!

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League of Legends - Season 4 FAQ

  1.  Will my ranked tier readjust?
    Everyone will have a soft MMR reset (I believe it is something like ((your current MMR)+1200)/2 and your tier emblem will disappear. You will then have to play placement matches to be put into a tier again.

  2. What happens to my MMR?
    See 1.
  3. Are there any changes to clamping?
    Clamping*  will be removed from all but diamond 1 http://www.surrenderat20.net/2013/11/preseason-leagues-improvements-on-pbe.html.

  4. Other major differences from Season 3?
    Lot's of changes have been made in the pre-season, I would advise reading some patch notes but briefly, Supports get lot's more gold and as such previously unconventional supports are being played and the supports are having a greater damage output in fights in addition to their previous utility. Junglers are also getting more gold and as a result tanky lategame junglers have started to come back resulting in often double tanks from a combination of support, jungle, and top. This has made it difficult for ADCs to carry as hard as they used to and are often forced to buy LW and BotRK early. Trinkets are now a thing read about them.

    Clamping: When you're in division 1 of any league it will give you reduced LP. The reasoning was that if you wanted to jump from, say Bronze to Silver, you needed to show you were consistently better than your opponents. The less LP you gain per win, the more wins you need. Often you'd lose more than you gained so you'd have to string together a bunch of wins without losing.

    Source: IPyro17

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League of Legends - Doublelift’s pre-S4 AD Tier List

Via: http://blog.ibuypower.com

Preseason 4 brought a lot of new changes, but primarily to bot lane. If you’re confused on masteries, lane setups, and knowing what’s strong, then you’re not alone. Here are some of the basics that you’ll need to know.

Masteries: 21/9/0


These are standard for all AD carries, Blade Weaving and Spell Weaving are impossible to keep up on standard ADs. Obviously, if you want to play weaker and less popular ADs like Ezreal or Corki, you can consider dropping points in other areas to get them. Warlord is not worth all 3 points because it really doesn’t increase your damage as much as you would think. There is no point in going into Utility anymore, you will have to manage your mana properly and take a hit to your summoner CDs if you want to live in this bruiser-dominant meta. Defensive stats are more important than ever, especially for lane.

Champion Rundown / Tier List

Top Tier: Lucian, Jinx, Sivir

Lucian is massively overpowered and there’s no denying it. Right now, if you can’t lane against Lucian, then you’re not a viable AD to play. He is a must ban or first pick in almost every game. You can lane him with any support and become a kill lane, such as Annie, Lulu, Thresh, Karma, etc. He is a lane bully that never falls off at any point in the game, has good wave clear, Dragon control, team fighting, mobility, burst damage, sustained damage, and base stats. Lastly, and most importantly, it is impossible to fuck up on Lucian. All of his abilities are almost impossible to miss, Culling is such a forgiving and weak ability that all you really need to do is mash Q and W, double shot someone to 50% hp, and try to use your ult to clean up or zone. You cannot outlane a Lucian if you’re weaker than him because there is no room to outplay. Like Corki pre-nerf, he doesn’t require ANY skill to play in lane. You walk up, Q, right click, and someone is almost dead.

Jinx has a 45-55 skill matchup into Lucian, and that’s why she is also top tier. Just being able to lane against him is a miracle on its own, and all of Jinx’s kit has relatively the same strengths as Lucian with the addition of having much better scaling. She has a global AoE execute, good laning, amazing scaling, a broken reset mechanic, synergy with every support, and hard CC to chain off of teammates. The biggest differences are that she lacks an escape and is thus easily shut down, and her W is essentially useless against players with a decent reaction time. She is much harder to play, less forgiving for mistakes, and can easily be ineffective in fights through poor gun management or mispositioning.

Sivir is obviously top tier for one reason – her ult is absolutely broken. She can lane decently well against most matchups including Lucian if your reaction time is adequate on Spell Shield. Regardless, at 6 she has strong kill pressure with ganks because of her speed-up, and is able to build much differently than other ADs because of the way she scales (BT-> LW is incredibly cost effective). All of her lane matchups are pure skill and rely on you hitting boomerangs and not wasting any abilities. One bad Spell Shield might lose you lane, but this will all come naturally once you play her enough.

Playable Tier: Tristana, Varus, Draven

Tristana has a favorable matchup into Lucian, and is overall a strong laner with high kill pressure. She has problem mid-game, especially with proper itemization. Rushing IE loses you lane, while rushing BT or BotRK delays her power spike. However, she’s still a safe long-range AD with a lot of utility through her ult, and is the undisputed king of scaling. No AD, not even Jinx, can match Tristana at 6 items.

Varus has always been a good champion, picked for his utility, poke, and lane bullying power. I’m not exactly sure how the Varus-Lucian matchup goes because my Varus play is so poor, but I’m almost certain that most Varus matchups end up being skill matchups dependent on how good the player is at landing Q. I would say he is a playable pick and will remain strong as long as Chain of Corruption is so good.

Draven is the counter in lane to almost all of the aforementioned champions. He crushes Lucian, Jinx, Sivir, Tristana, and Varus, and this is why he is still a viable pick. If you are a perfect Draven player and never drop an axe, you will still be doing massive damage while being extremely slippery. Blood Rush is the ultimate tool against the OP bruisers right now, and will allow you to kite in otherwise impossible situations.

Shit Tier: Vayne, Ezreal, Twitch, Everything Else

Vayne is impossible to lane. Scroll up and tell me which of these champions she can lane against without getting dumpstered in CS and snowballed against. You will be a liability to your team for so long that it’s not even worth trying to scrape by in lane without dying, just so you can be annoyed at how unresponsive she is when using Condemn. It wasn’t even the nerfs to how you can use Condemn, it’s just that every other AD is so much stronger than her, and supports can literally 1v1 weak ADs ever since the changes. Good luck playing the first 15 minutes against an Annie.

Ezreal has the same problems as I mentioned with Vayne. One of the most important things I want to point out is thatit’s too easy to mess up on Ezreal. These days, people are actually getting good at dodging skillshots It’s not worth picking a weak early game AD that has no lane pressure and will inevitably lose lane, only to have him try to meekly scale into the game and have a significant portion of his damage dodged. I can’t stress enough how important being faceroll is. Of all players, I am the one who has always played Ezreal. When he was considered shit tier, when he was OP, after the nerfs when he was unplayed, through blue build and beyond, I played Ezreal. Most of my big LAN performances hinged on my Ezreal play. I am one of the best at hitting skillshots and STILL cannot justify picking him right now.

Twitch is obviously decent in lane but doesn’t have too many redeeming qualities right now. I was on the fence with him because I think overall his kit is strong and is even stronger due to Oracles being gone, but he has too many problems. Mainly, his lack of mobility versus the OPs such as Shyvana and Jax will get him killed instantly. To go into more technical detail, any time you trade on Twitch, the situation is not fully under your control. When you walk up on a 550 range AD with no escape, you put yourself in an unretreatable position. The enemy support can, at any time, CC you and force an all-in on that trade (think about walking up to auto Lulu, Annie, or Thresh). This means that you must play absolutely perfectly at all times, because if you go for a trade in lane without knowing fully that you can win an all-in, the enemy support can choose to engage and you will have no option to run.

All other ADs – Corki, Graves, Kog, MF, Quinn – good luck. I think Urgot might actually be OP but haven’t got the chance to test yet. Ashe and Caitlyn also might situationally be good but I wanted to keep this blog short and not go into details. When I get too technical, people seem to lose interest.

At the moment, I feel very strongly that ADs are feeling more and more useless. I can’t do anything mid game when the enemy top and jungle have Sunfire + Thornmail/Omen, and the enemy support built a Frozen Heart? I can’t even attack in teamfights without dying instantly to Jax or Rengar, and when I do my autos might as well be healing them. I’ll be doing another separate blog with my thoughts on the role at some point.

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League of Legends - Season 4 Mastery Guide

Via: DanDinh

I am writing this post to give my insight into the Season 4 Mastery changes, create a good starting point for confused players, and promote discussion to figure out what the best masteries are for Season 4.

Below are links to my youtube video of me talking about Season 4 Mastery and links to Basic Builds from Riots Calculator.

Youtube Video  

Basic AP Carry Mastery  
Basic AD Carry Mastery  
Basic Support Mastery  
Basic Jungle Mastery 1  
Basic Jungle Mastery 2  
Basic Bruiser Mastery

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Early look at Featured Gameplay Modes - One For All

Featured Gameplay Modes are about ready to burst onto the League! We have a variety of experimental modes - each with a unique spin on the classic League of Legends formula – that we’re looking to introduce one at a time. We’re limiting the availability of each mode so that you can try out a variety of different game types. After they’re brought down, we’ll check out your feedback as we develop new game modes - there’s always a chance that we’ll bring back the ones you love the most, too.

The first mode we’re introducing is One For All, which consists of two teams of five players all using the same champion. The One For All matchmaking queue will be featured on Summoner’s Rift, but you’ll be able to try the mode out on any League map via custom games. If you’ve ever dreamed of nuking an enemy team with five Final Sparks, chaining together a series of Unstoppable Forces or living forever with back-to-back Chronoshifts, now’s your chance.

We’re really excited to work with you guys on developing new game modes so let us know what you think. The team will be hanging out on the forums looking for inspiration and discussing awesome ideas!

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End of Season 3 countdown

*Rewards are being given out and should be done in a couple days. Ranked ques are down until all of the rewards are handed out, I suggest you take a picture of your current ranking just incase of a mistake with rewards you can show them proof of your rank.
*Season 3 is now over! Good luck in the next season summoners!
PRESEASON: * Once ranked ques come back up preseason is initiated.
  • Sometime next week the next patch is coming out with some season 4 changes and balances.
  • Preseason is used to get people familiar with the changes and new gameplay before jumping into ranked
  • You will not have placement matches for preseason.
  • Think of preseason as an extension to season 3, you can still climb in MMR, which is big.
  • Preseasons MMR will be used to put you in your placement matches, so you should play to win in preseason so you can get higher up in your placements and come out with a better chance of getting a better rank.
  • Take preseason seriously and don't screw around with, learn the changes, climb MMR, get good for start of season 2014
SEASON 2014:
  • Season 2014 will initiate in a month or so after preseason has started.
  • You will recieve a soft reset of MMR and then play your placement games. (End of preseason MMR+1200)/2 <--- NOT CONFIRMED is the MMR that will be used in your placements. Do good in your placements go up in rank!
Find your current MMR here: www.op.gg

Via: SeaEye