miércoles, 25 de febrero de 2015

BARD - Champion Preview by Sp4zie

Going through the very basics of the upcoming champion Bard. All things are subjects of change since he is still on the PBE and not yet released. Check out the links ▼
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Jungle Bard (Pre-Release) - League of Legends by stonewall

I was shocked that I ended up wasting one of my potions. I thought his sustain would be WAY worse than this. Keep in mind that he is obviously faster if he gets a leash and better. He will likely still end up as a "for fun" jungler to play in normals with friends.
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TL;DR Patch Notes 5.4 - League of Legends by blakinola

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jueves, 19 de febrero de 2015

League of Legends - Video Analysis TSM vs CLG by Rapidstar

Hi, this is Rapidstar!

This is a review of TSM vs. CLG. I hope it helps you to understand the game better :)

I plan on covering many matches from now on so feel free to come to my blog, check out my reviews and share your thoughts.

I'll be covering appx. 3 matches in EU LCS/ NA LCS/ LPL every week (1 video analysis and 2 text reviews)

You can also make suggestions about the kind of match you want me to review.
Please enjoy XD

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