viernes, 27 de noviembre de 2015

League of Legends - Preseason 6 (5.23) Zyra Support Video Guide by Melyn

Video guide for Zyra support in preseason 6. Let me know if you have any questions! Special thanks to Anisotropies for being my Teemo. To find the full text guide for 5.22 (slightly out of date, will update it soon), check out

00:00 Introduction (who am I?)
00:32 The Basics
05:10 The laning phase
06:09 Teamfighting
07:38 Tips and tricks

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miércoles, 25 de noviembre de 2015

League of Legends - Preseason 6 Jayce Guide -for faithful Jayce players - by Narakyle, 파랑제이스 [Virtuoso Gaming]

I know there are many jayce guides in lolking and videos on youtube but i'm pretty sure lots of people are curious about how korean challenger Jayce players think about Jayce and here is how we think about Jayce. I wish Riot Employee watch this video and re-think about Jayce in this meta.
Voice over by Reid Melton
Video editing by DW Runa
Guide help, references by DW Narakyle & 파랑제이스(Parang Jayce)


lunes, 23 de noviembre de 2015

League of Legends Guide - The Perfect Twitch Build by Only Twitch

Hi, I'm Only Twitch on the NA server. I hit Master promos this season playing only Twitch in ranked and I am also the author of the #1 Twitch guide on! After days of experimenting to find the perfect Twitch build, I think I've finally found one. Here you go:

Guinsoo's Rageblade > Runaans Hurricane > Berserkers Greaves > Infinity Edge > Bloodthirster > Lord Dominiks Regards

Aight, now let me explain this build. You can find a copy of the explanation as well as basically everything there is to Twitch on my Twitch guide here:
  • Rageblade/Hurricane grant Twitch insane attack speed and crit
  • Rageblade/Hurricane core is a cheap, affordable mid game core
  • Rageblade/Hurricane provides waveclear that Twitch often lacks
  • These 2 items alone allow Twitch to reach 2.5 attack speed along with his Q steroid
    This means that a Twitch, a champion who synergizes highly with attack speed and is one of the highest attack speed scaling marksman, who also happens to lack waveclear and affordable mid-game items, now has not only scaling AoE damage, but three times that amount of AoE thanks to hurricane.

Twitch ult.
  • Twitch ult applies on-hit effects to everything it hits. > This makes Twitch's teamfight stupidly strong due to Rageblade AoE IN ADDITION to Twitch's AoE line ultimate.
There's more though.
  • Now lets imagine the teamfight occurs near an enemy minion wave. Twitch ult will apply Rageblade AoE to all those minions on-hit. Goodnight enemy team.

  • Insanely cheap core
  • You reach 2.5 Attack Speed with this build
  • Huge mid game powerspike
  • Very fast Hypercarry activation with finished core
  • Tons of waveclear/AoE
  • Very high DPS if you can keep attacking with full attack speed
  • High attack speed synergizes well Twitch's natural high attack speed scaling
  • Can blow up entire enemy teams within seconds
  • Vulnerable to attack speed slows
  • Requires an experienced ADC to use attack speed effectively (ect. Kiting.)
  • No early lifesteal
  • Assassination potential is slightly weaker
Most of my builds/tests were experimented using a Diamond 5 smurf account. I think I played about 50 games so far in the preseason. This build seemed much more promising than the rest/current Twitch builds everyone is using. I do not have many games on my main account in ranked using this build- which I will definitely begin spamming soon. Follow my games if you'd like!
tl;dr: Insane attack speed, poison stacking, rageblade passive AoE, crit chance, makes up for Twitch's lack of wave clear, affordable mid-game items, hurricane bolts synergy with Twitch passive, ... wow.

Want to see more?

Comments, Questions, Critiques, and Suggestions are much welcomed!


sábado, 21 de noviembre de 2015

League of Legends - Fizz Guide / Pre Season 6 by Smedgy

A quick Fizz guide for you guys, a fantastic champion for solo q and as he snowballs super hard and isn't banned much. Feel free to ask me any questions in the comments, i hope you enjoy.
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